Land Down Under

We ended up camping at the campground time forgot on Wednesday night. This place would make a great set for a horror film. You can almost imagine what it was like in its heyday, but now all of the facilities are in need of repair, a fresh coat of paint. The snack machine is empty. The odd menagerie of animals in the playground have begun to rust. The arcade is closed, a few desolate machines tucked into the far corners covered in cobwebs.

Turns out the owner is some kind of computer hacker so I better not malign the place too much else he’ll hack into my website and well, actually, Jeff, there were some really nice things about my place. Maybe you failed to notice, but we did give you a free upgrade to a spot with electricity. And we use the honor system on the lake. You could have fished without a license, only three dollars per catch. We have paddle boats and miniature golf. We have free wifi. We couldn’t get on the wifi. Too far away from the signal tower. Although in the morning, before we drove off, I was finally able to fix my Eye-fi card, parked under the transmitter. So thanks for that. And thanks, too, for a memorable night full of eccentric conversation about hacking cars and computers, DEFCON conferences, using PUPPY and avoiding thumb drives.

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