Benjamin and the Battalion

In Kanesville there is a reconstructed log tabernacle, apparently built quite quickly at the behest of Brigham Young for his official appointment in December 1847 as president of the Mormons. In the visitor’s center, there is yet another exhibit commemorating the Mormon Battalion. What is cool about this one, though, is that the woman running the place writes down the name of your ancestor and after you’ve watched a short film about the battalion, she presents you with a print-out with more information. My third great-grandfather, Benjamin Morgan Roberts, was a private in Company D. He never made it to San Diego. He was part of the sick detachment at Fort Pueblo and ended up being one of the twelve men who traveled ahead of the main company searching for stolen horses when they came across Brigham Young and the first pioneer company along the bank of the Green River. They joined them and became part of the first group of Mormons to enter what would eventually become Utah.


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