Casper the Ghost

Casper Wyoming is a windy little town. Gotta love that their minor league baseball team is called the Casper Ghosts. That shows they have sense of humor. Also the sign at the river with specific instructions for dogs.I applaud the bureaucrat who came up with that.

Speaking of bureaucracy, there’s also Fort Caspar, spelled different in deference to some ancient army bungling.


My first time camping in a tent in over twenty years. Didn’t sleep a wink. Finally plugged my ears with some balled-up pieces of tissue, but that didn’t help. Tent was flapping constantfreakingly. Thought the tent might take flight.


Up at first light, throat so raw I head to the office to see if they sell any lozenges. Fuel up on some bad coffee and then we’re off to the Trails Museum. Nice museum. Brand spanking new. Full of all sorts of interactive exhibits for the kiddies. We ride a covered wagon across a bumpy river complete with simulated pneumatic bumps and drops courtesy of a woman holding a joystick.


The main film, a panorama including mannequins from different periods of time, all fellow travelers, also featured an excerpt from Patty Bartlett Sessions’ diary. She’s the famous Mormon midwife and a fourth great aunt of mine.

Sweet Sweetwater, we’re on the Mormon Trail!

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